A perfect journey with directio.

Take up Automation of your Sales Organization processes with these recommended directio Apps and Tools and & record a MINIMUM 70% improvement in sales process efficiency. (Check the Top Image again.) See the results for yourselves with the below step-by-step approach and then move to next step.

Step 1

Automate your end-to-end internal Sales Organization Processes.

Implement   directioMobility PRO.

Step 2

Automate your Stockists, Distributors, Dealers, Sub-Distributors with JUST the needed processes like Order Fulfillement, Schemes, Claims, Returns.

Implement directioBills LITE

Step 3

Automate the Retailer Asset building, categorization and Management processes. Critical in the long-term..

Implement directio Retailer Management Tools and Services

Step 4

Now you are ready to leverage investements if made in expanding to Remote/Rural markets..

Implement directio Rural Trade Management

Step 5

Urban/Semi-urban towns

Automate end-to-end Distributor processes with comprehensive Distributor Management System (DMS), although we do not highly recommend this, as we do not believe DMS is here to stay for long.... 

Implement directioBills PRO (if you still choose to take up this step)