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Build a High Performing, Winning Sales Force.

Build a High Performing, Winning Sales Force
Make it easy for your sales force & observe them sell better, faster.

An average 65% of your Sales representative’s time goes in other things that are not Sales. If you can let them, focus on Sales and automate their tasks, which better automated, you are already a Winner.

And with additional steps in this COVID and post-COVID era, it is not just releavnt, but mandatory to use a solution like directio Sales Force Productivity to ensure your Sales Team continues to have control over your markets.

We deploy technology that assists your sales force TAKE ORDERS BETTER, process them faster and deliver them efficiently. And we take ownership in their compliance with our technology.

OUTCOME 1: "EFFICIENT” Sales with directio.

Smart planning, allocation and execution of sales resources possible with directio. Increase the beats covered, calls made and productive calls per sales personnel, which automatically increases the efficiency of your sales force. directio further increases your sales efficiency by eliminating low-value redundant activities and providing more time to Sales Personnel for high-value relationship building exercises.

Sales Team Productivity_Top
Effective Sales
OUTCOME 2: "EFFECTIVE” Sales with directio.

Once redundant activities are automated, and coverage per Sales Personnel increased, directio further helps make "Effective" Sales and surpassing targets. At this stage, use of directio automatically increases their competence levels and make them a Smarter Salesman, leading to Better, Goal-aligned Sales.

   AllSell  further helps with "Smart Selling" with its suggestive selling capabilities and an "Always available Assistant".
OUTCOME 3: "SUSTAINABLE” Sales with directio.

For a sustainable Sales Results, use directio for a productive Sales Force that works with Efficiency towards an Effective, Goal-oriented and SUSTAINABLE MARKET RESULTS .


A good start with an overall increase in productive calls % to building a Smarter , Efficient and Effective Sales Team that works in a process oriented, systematic manner who treats every Result as an investment for the next result.

Sustaible Sales

Use directioMobility PRO, for critical digitization/data collection, workflow automation, geo-tagging, analytics and performance measurement to boost sales team productivity and sustainable market performance. 


Available in both low-end and high-end feature phones and smart phones, suitable for Metro, Semi-Metro, Remote, Rural and new markets.

Start with Sales Force Automation.

Use dMobilityLITE, a mobile first set of tools for Sales process digitisation and basic workflow automation. Certain key capabilities like offline access, easy synchronization and anytime reporting makes adoption easy even in areas with infrastructure challenges and users with low-end phones.

dMobility Lite Phone
Progressive Sales Force Productivity Improvement.

If you already have the basic automation for your Sales Processes, use dMobility PRO, a well-knit set of device agnostic tools for comprehensive, truly 360-degree Sales Process Automation tool for end-to-end Sales & Trade Automation, Process Efficiency Measurement and real-time Key Metrics visibility to build a cohesive, high performing Sales ecosystem.

Sales Force Productivity SFA dMobility PRO_2
Sales Force Productivity SFA dMobility PRO

Once your Order Booking and Market activities are automated, regularly measured and validated trade network database created, use dBills Pro for automation of Distributor Billing and Trade processes.


This completes your end-to-end automation of Trade Network except for the last mile. Once your market is ready, AllCell with AllSell can be implemented in Stages for a truly 360-degree visibility till the last mile of your product sale.

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