Use directio

For an end-to-end solution for all your Trade Elements – making it easy to handle your Remote/Rural markets.  

Rural Trade Management
A diverse set of tools and services that best fit Trade in Semi-Urban, Rural and Remote markets.

Available in low-end phones and laptops with minimal infrastructure.


The same powerful functionalities and processes in directio are deployed over light architecture and with a minimalistic approach, allowing these applications to be available in low-end phones and laptops with minimal infrastructure.


These solutions can be used by Distributors, Stockists, Sub-stockists, Dealer Salesmen (if required) to handle Market Coverage, Retail Sales/ Invoicing, Retail Management, Schemes, Payouts and Collections, all from an easy-to-use single application.

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Being light, these applications are way ahead of competitors in handling Remote/Rural markets in India and SEA, which are characterised by low bandwidth, highly diverse cultures and “still evolving” infrastructure facilities.


Most important, you get real-time data, seamlessly anytime, anywhere so that you can focus on your actual Sales Strategies and market drivers.


We go till small-time Retailers and Kirana Stores so that you have the data till last mile.

We take responsibility to sign-up your Retailers, validate them, categorize them from time to time, handle their orders, payouts, communication and manage a healthy trade assets.

We then work with your Distributors / Stockiests and Sub-Dealers/Sub-Stockists to bring an end-to-end market control systems for you.

Control where it matters…

Bring visibility and streamlined operations in exactly where it matters to finally keep your markets in your control. Have maximum returns on your Trade Promotions spends, while not having any headache of last mile micro-level management.

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Bring all your trade elements into one single platform.

We provide all the Tools and Services required to bring you complete market visibility and provide you with the key to control your markets the way you design and not the competitors.


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