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These services are for those who truly want to Change the Game in leveraging Trade Network in the new normal times TODAY and in FUTURE.

rFinder – Retailer Network Finder

Highly configurable tool that can be configured to meet your exact market assessment processes and metrics. This solution can also integrate with known Consumer Apps in the market, including Arogya Setu extensions.

For a quick insight of your Markets  and Segments.

directio rFinder Solution is the our rFinder App, packaged with our Services. It is extremely useful for organizations looking at innovations and digitalisation of existing processes and Trade leveraging.

This solution has been in market for more than THREE years, but is found to be MOST relevant TODAY.

With the digital drive that has picked up not only amongst Trade, but even your end-consumers, this is the best time for any change management for any new Market and/or Segment Model you want to launch. Also with such tools this may be a good time to redefine  your internal Sales Teams' work models/ roles and responsibilities.

Interested to know about this Specialised Solution, rFinder(TM)? 

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