Platform - without products solutions
Products and Solutions from Platform
THE PLATFORM, directio.

1.  HIGH Flexibility

2.  Scalability to Future Technologies

A consortium of many Apps and tools focused on Sales Management and Sales Intelligence for companies using Traditional Trade models, use of this Platform is what makes Technoinfoware highly flexible w.r.t. changing needs of our customers. 

directio Platform has all it takes to build a standard App with all the advantages of a constantly changing User Technologies and needs.

Robust backbone
directio Platform has all it takes to build a state-of-the art Products and Solutions to handle a highly dynamic markets with constantly changing software requirements.

This Platform is the backbone of all our Products and Solutions. 
With this Robust Platform, directio Products and Solutions are rated one of the BEST when it comes to technology FLEXIBILITY, FAST DEPLOYMENT and HIGH USAGE COMPLIANCE.

Again, all these being key to companies in dynamic markets, end-users are our biggest evangelists. 
Inside directio
Business Applications

The Platform has a large set of comprehensive Apps and tools that handle all the functional needs of the intended users. 

All the products and solutions are made of these Apps

Communication Engine
This engine incorporates diverse communication technologies and protocols that were, are and will be popular with our valued end-users.

directio Products have been the fastest in market to adopt technologies that are popular amongst end-users, with a goal to make our Users happily use Technology.
Subscription Engine
Subscription Engine ensures your data is accessed ONLY BY WHO YOU WANT TO, in an easy manner. Different IT Policies of customers are also incorporated easily due to the robustness of this engine.  
BOTs and AI Enhancements
With a robust Analytics and Business Intelligence available in the Platform, BOTs and AI were an easy logical extension to our already Functionally Robust Products and Solutions. 

When you and your Users are ready for  to take a leap in Productivity, we are here to partner in the leap with our effective, highly user friendly  BOT and AI driven Apps.
Since buying the whole Platform is an over-kill most times, we have designed Products and Solutions using the Apps and Tools from the Platform in order to meet your exact needs.

There are THREE WAYS to choose the right directio for you. 
1. Products
2. Solutions
3. Digital Journey

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We always start our introduction with directio Products, as they are more popular today. Also, they are more in line with how people buy software today. 

These Products are combination of Apps and tools from the Platform, designed to handle  end-to-end Sales solution needs of an entity e.g. Retailers, Distributors, Enterprise Sales Team, etc 

We have FOUR main Products:
1. directioAllCell
2. directioMobility
3. directioBills
4. directioHAWK

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directio Solutions are designed to cater to specific Goal or problems for which you are looking for a Solution e.g. Retailer Order Booking, Retailer Finder, Rural Penetration, Expense Management, Field Promotions, etc.

If you already know your Technology Goal / WHAT RESULTS you are looking for, check our basket of Popular Solution for FMCG model of Sales, especially for Traditional Trade.

All our Solutions are designed using RIGHT MIX of Apps from the directio Platform so that you can FOCUS ON THE RESULTS than worrying about which App to buy for whom.

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This third one is a bit different. 

We have packaged solutions for every phase of your SALES Digital Enablement and Transformation journey so that you do not have to waste TIME and valuable investment in all the solutions at one-go, while a typical journey takes 3-5 years. 

If you already have a well planned Digital Journey for your Sales Organization, please call us to know how we can fast track your Journey.

If interested to know about our proposed Journey Plan, Click Here.

We divide THE Journey into three major Phases:
1. Digitize Data
2. Automate Actions
3. Digitalize Dealmakers   

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10+years right size
15+ Years Experience

FAST adoption to market changes, learning to sail through landscape changes in Trade models in last decade.

Friendly support_right size
Friendly Support

Rated BEST by Customers, we make your diverse Users with diverse issues, USE TECHNOLOGY HAPPILY.

MOST Data_right size
MOST DATA in Market

FAST User adoption and HIGH USAGE, be it multi-cultural, multi-lingual with diverse technology savviness.

GET Data - right size

Rural or Urban towns, low-end phones or limited infrastructure, get ACCURATE,  REAL-TIME data.

directio PLATFORM FLEXIBILITY - proven again.
FASTEST IN MARKET to help during COVID situation. 

1. Upgraded to LOCKDOWN Needs within 24HRS

2. User Roll-Out from TWO Days of Lockdown 

3. 87% User Adoption within ONE WEEK

Process Innovation made possible with customer-centric Team

Sensitivity to user issues and capability to innovate processes with an excellent User Relationship/Support, make us a preferred choice by Enterprises in highly dynamic markets and situations, which typically require fast and effective Change Management. 

Technology Innovation made possible with directio Platform

With the availability of state-of-the-art web and mobile Applications and Tools and  flexible and scalable architecture, allowed FAST launch of Apps and Tools for Sales, Trade and Management functions, helping with minimal interruption of Sales & Distribution activities for our VALUABLE CUSTOMERS during COVID Lockdown.

Technology CONVENIENT to Users made possible with directio Platform

With a highly  flexible and scalable architecture and a team with capability to use the RIGHT TECHNOLOGIES in the RIGHT WAY, we consistently lead in adopting technologies and data communication channels most convenient and affordable to end users. 

Starting from SMS days, when we looked at how to innovatively leverage SMS for data collection, this core DNS is also one of the key to our successful Usage Compliance.

A bit on directio Evolution
This is not the first time. 18 - 20 years back, when FMCG/D companies were force fitting CRM for General Trade Management in India and Asia-Pac, we derived a solution that met exact needs with specific User Topography considerations and launched directioAllCell.

Progress through TELECOM Landscape changes

Even when ONLY Text Messaging (SMS) was the primary Mobile data communication mode, directio Suite of Products successfully collected Sales and Marketing Data. And that too NOT JUST FROM METROS, but across REMOTE/RURAL towns ranging from LESS than One Lakh population to 10L+.


directio Suite of products are the only tools that could successfully gather data till Farmer Level in rural India, where, in addition to technology savviness challenges, linguistic challenges also act as a barrier for entry for many software makers.


With this start, we continued to innovate through the largest Telecom & Software landscape changes faced by the industry in last 15 years. While many of our competitors shut shop, we lasted...

a Today that is strong due to a thorough yesterday

Today, when the Mobile Technology ecosystem is highly evolved, directio Platform,  provides a well-integrated rich set of Software and Apps to meet all your Technology needs for Sales and Trade Management. But the journey from SMS days to today, makes any App in directio Platform a notch higher when it comes to data collection and usage compliance, especially from REMOTE/RURAL areas as well as, typically "not so well connected" General Trade outlets.
Brand AllCell back then
Back then, the Brand, AllCell meant IT WORKS ON ALL CELL PHONES since there was a challenge with heterogeneous Mobile Phone iOS and Mobile Phone Types.
Brand AllCell NOW
Today the Brand, AllCell means that ALL SALES FUNCTIONS  can be carried out using CELL PHONES.
DIRECTIO, the Platform
directio that started as the core UnCRM (as we called it) tool, was revamped to build a Platfom with rich set set of Apps and Tools to allow customers to Pick and Choose on an as needed basis. Investing in "Platform" architecture, was also important for customers to have a well planned Digital Transformation Journey (in Sales Function) inevitable in this Digital Era (even more so in post-COVID era)
The CORE Business Rule Engine
As the market rules and business environment kept changing, this Business Rule engine kept evolving. Today,  Enterprises who use directio Platform can  adopt much faster to any changing business environment.
THE FOCUS we never lose
In all through Journey, two things we never lost focus: 1. Any tool we build to have high ADOPTION by "actual" users 2. Effective User Support   Better Sales Management and Market Controls automatically always followed..