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An Order Automated is Bill Generated, Error Eliminated, Inventory Well Managed.  


Order Booking & Fulfilment
Have visibility and full control where the real matter lies…

A harder way to work is manual re-entry of the order data and process all relevant documents related to delivery and collections. And the smarter way to do it is DIGITAL AUTOMATION.


Let directio Solution take care of auto-generation of all documents related to Billing processes in accordance with the latest offers and schemes. With Loading Slips and delivery agency integration, your Trade can focus on what matters the most - Order Fulfilment and Delivery Confirmation.

With a Smarter Sales solution, that can bring focus to your Goals, while Ordering by Sales Team or Trade, the automation of Order Fulfilment ensures the Goal is finally achieved.


The seamless implementation of Focus Products, Schemes, Trade discounts, along  with guidelines sent using the Suggestive Sales solution, AllSell, brings complete control to your markets exactly the way you want.

While casual ordering can be completely controlled, use of directio solution leads to minimising opportunity losses also by having the RIGHT product available in the RIGHT quantity at the RIGHT time all through to your Tertiary Sales.

Order to Billing Automation

To stay at the top, it is all about proper data-backed decisions and precise tracking of its outcomes.


Once you set the Business Rules, directio will adapt to your processes and seamlessly roll it out to every market, be it urban, metro, semi-metro, remote or rural with tech-savvy or non-tech savvy users.

Some immediate direct benefits
Sales Force
Order Collection with Sales Intelligence

Book Orders with real-time guidance like Suggested Orders, Outlet Scoring, Min Order Quantity, Focus Brand and Beat Performance.

Route & Activity Planning

Better day planning, streamlined Field Activity Management and increased day-to-day productivity.

Attendance and Easy Leave Approvals

No more worries on Attendance and Leaver Approvals. Easy recording and discrepancy corrections.

Middle Management
Market Performance Visibility

Real-time product and market performance visibility to enable real-time sales strategy and tactics for continuous sales growth and market share.

Team Activity Visibility

Track and monitor day-to-day team activities and KPIs to ensure Company goals and Targets are met by the Team.

Overall Area Management

Real-time information and enablement for effective management of Territories/Geographies, local product strategies and tactics, competition and overall alignment to company objectives and goals.

Top Management
Real-time Market data

Real-time data and analysis on changes in Market Share, Market Size, Gap Analysis, Brand Performance and overall market performance of the Organization.

Real-time Insights

Effective Financial analysis on topline vs bottomline. Effective measurement of different market strategies with more effective mapping of Results to Strategy

Analytics & Decision Support

Analytics & Decision Support system based on real-time market insights, with FAST execution of Strategy, especially useful for dynamic markets

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