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Process-driven merchandising activities, audits and compliance to key parameters.

A HIGHLY configurable tool that helps in quick implementation of FAST changing Merchandising and Display strategies, especially for dynamic markets.


Smart surveys with composite answer facility, helps FAST data entry in this information intensive space. With all these flexibilities, directio Merchandiser App is a tool that Merchandisers themselves look forward to use.

Well planned day, effective Beat Coverage

A look at the Beat gives an idea on what to focus and what NOT TO during the day's visit.

Productivity Indicators with Outlet Performance Indicators and Target visibility equips the Merchandisers with all the information and planning tools to optimize the day's effort to earn maximum incentive.

A team that makes HIGH INCENTIVES automatically means you have HIGH RESULTS from the team.

Merc 2
Solution Highlights
Merchandising Solutions

End to end Merchandising workflow implementation

Easily configurable workflows, audits & surveys

Configurable MLP / MSS channel-wise, outlet category-wise

Highly versatile scoring -   channels, outlet categories & product - wise possible

Smart surveys with composite answer facility
Flexible mandatory options within a composite question

Private and Public real-time communication with Mercs

Digital Dockets with multi-media capability

Dynamic, additions, deletions or modification of Competitor products
Automatic real-time Outlet Payout computation

KRA & Automatic real-time incentive computation 

Usable in Modern Trade and General Trade

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There are THREE ways you can decide how to use directioClick on any TAB BELOW to know more.

We always start our introduction with directio Products, as they are more popular today. Also, they are more in line with how people buy software today. 

These Products are combination of Apps and tools from the Platform, designed to handle  end-to-end Sales solution needs of an entity e.g. Retailers, Distributors, Enterprise Sales Team, etc 

We have FOUR main Products:
1. directioAllCell
2. directioMobility
3. directioBills
4. directioHAWK

Click to see details on whats inside the above Products.

directio Solutions are designed to cater to specific Goal or problems for which you are looking for a Solution e.g. Retailer Order Booking, Retailer Finder, Rural Penetration, Expense Management, Field Promotions, etc.

If you already know your Technology Goal / WHAT RESULTS you are looking for, check our basket of Popular Solutions for FMCG model of Sales, especially for Traditional Trade.

All our Solutions are designed using RIGHT MIX of Apps from the directio Platform so that you can FOCUS ON THE RESULTS than worrying about which App to buy for whom.

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This third one is a bit different. 

We have packaged solutions for every phase of your SALES Digital Enablement and Transformation journey so that you do not have to waste TIME and valuable investment in all the solutions at one-go, while a typical journey takes 3-5 years. 

If you already have a well planned Digital Journey for your Sales Organization, please call us to know how we can fast track your Journey.

If interested to know about our proposed Journey Plan, Click Here.

We divide THE Journey into three major Phases:
1. Digitize Data
2. Automate Actions
3. Digitalize Dealmakers   

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