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If you are starting a new business OR have no IT System for your Sales yet, it may be a good idea to start with TIME TESTED, GOOD OLD DSR! .
A simple start for an effective beginning.

DSR (Daily Sales Report) has been one of the most successful working models in managing distributed Sales Force across different industries for more than many decades.

Even today, many monitoring models are some derivation of the DSR, especially in non-CRM i.e. Traditional Sales and forms the starting point for any data collection for any kind of Sales Monitoring and Analysis.

A simple start for an effective beginning.

directio is one of the FIRST tools to have digitised this process as an end-to-end data collection and monitoring system using a combination of Mobile Application, Web Application and Top Management Phone Widgets. And the ONLY COMPANY to have provided this as a SaaS (Software as a Service) successfully in India in 2006/7. 


This tool was popular under the Brand name, DirectioAllCell, to indicate that this solution was available on Cell Phone models (as it was launched at a time when software tools would work only in specific Cell Phone models for which it was written. 

We still have versions available for Feature Phones and low-end Smartphones (still common in Rural markets) that provide basic automation for Merchandising, Field Promotions and regular Market Activities.

Even today, the DSR Automation solution available in directio Platform is a popular tool amongst companies that prefer a minimalist approach to Automation. Especially useful for new markets with new Field Force / Outsourced Team and the focus is on establishing in the market  through effective monitoring and management of the Field Force Management and Sales Operations.

The strong Communication Engine make real-time data from Remote areas a reality, irrespective of infrastructural challenges. Since the tool also supports the very old and still popular SMS as well as offers LIGHT Phone App or LIGHT Web App, the adoption and data compliance is highest in markets where you are not yet that established/has diverse user base/volume of business too low for heavy technology investment.

And our best-in-class User Support ensures the diverse user base is HAPPY TO USE TECHNOLOGY.

There cannot be a more relevant TIME than TODAY. With digital drive getting accelerated due to new normals necessitated by the long-term effects of COVID-19 impacts, not just Trade, but even your internal team change management is much faster today. Everyone is looking at better Field Activity Models and Work Models and this is the best time to digitize and leverage the shrinking data reaches before your competitor does.

Use dMobility Just DSR solution, a perfect data collection and monitoring for all your Remote/Rural or NEW markets.
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