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Plan and monitor Sales Promotions & On-ground Campaigns region-wise, product-wise, market-wise based on real-time market responses, brand perception and your positioning strategy.  


Field Promotions Management

Rated HIGH by the Field Force for all Promotional activities Management, the Tool makes a Salesman’s life easy.

With an easy Calendar – based view of all their scheduled Activities, Events and Promotions, with required reminders and alerts, which ultimately helps streamline such regular mini-tasks, which otherwise consumes huge productive time of your valuable Travelling Field Warriors.

Simple, easy to use
Plan, execute and measure promotional activities real-time.
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REAL-TIME Market Response
REAL-TIME market response - opt out of ineffective campaigns IN TIME.
Sales Promotions

Plan & Execute Territory-wise, Brand-wise, Trade Category-wise, based on the local brand strength and your positioning strategy.

Schemes & Discounts

Plan & Execute Territory-wise, Brand-wise, Trade Category-wise, based on the local brand strength and your positioning strategy.

Event based Designs

Design special campaigns and promotions based on events.

High flexibility thats essential for dynamic markets

One of the BEST FIT Tools for Agri-input and FMCG organisations for better Product and Market based promotional activities. Highly flexible with different promotional campaigns, events and activities possible for different  Beat, Product and market.

Field Promotions_smart design
Real-time monitoring and measurement of Promotions, Campaigns and promotional activities in the field. Using directio tools, the Top Management can get real-time view of market-wise Promotional activities and their impacts.

Better Brand Alignment, Better ROI on Sales Promotions

Branding Activities_Field Promo

Use directio for continuous market feedback and monitoring of Brand perceptions.

Measure your brand strength region wise and devise focused campaign and sales promotion on a real-time basis.

Some immediate direct benefits

Use directio to align your Sales Promotions and Market Campaigns with your overall Brand and Sales Strategy and ensure every spend on Sales Promotions and Campaigns have a good ROI.

Sales Force
Sales Promotions Schedule

Calendar view of Day, Week, Month and Quarter Promotion Plans.

Activity Reporting

Activities, photos and other information on Promotions and Campaigns entered real-time.

Market Feedback and Response Tracking

Real-time responses to Promotions and Campaigns and other Feedbacks to analyse Brand and overall Market Performance.

Middle Management
Sales Promotions Planning

Plan and monitor campaigns region wise based on the real-time brand perception, market performance and positioning strategy

Real-time Campaign Opt-out

Realtime campaigns and promotions effectiveness measurement and analysis for timely opt-out of ineffective campaigns and promotions.

Schemes, Discounts, informed campaign designs
Plan Region wise Brand wise discounts, offers and special campaigns and promotions for an event/ market.
Top Management
Real-time Market visibility
Real-time visibility on changes in Brand Perception, Market Responses, Market Size, Gap Analysis and overall market performance.
Real-time strategy assessment

Effective Financial analysis on expense vs results and effective measurement of different market strategies.

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