Use directio

To measure ROI on expenses for a better managed Bottomline.

Expense Management
Optimized spends with streamlined expense submission process.

Links expense statements to tour/ activity plan. Helps measure ROI on spends while streamlining the Expense Submission process of your travelling Field Force.

directio Expense Management Solution enables streamlining of Expense submission of your mobile Field Force, while linking expenses to corresponding Activity, thereby helping measure ROI on different spends.

This solution is part of the Activity Management Solution. However, if interested in buying this Solution separately, we recommend you buy our PJP Tools with this Solution for a better ROI on this Solution investment.

Some immediate direct benefits

Control system for PJP compliance as well as false bills

Expense statements linked to tour/ activity plan.

Easy entry of all travel bills.

Streamlined approval, rejection and payment processes.

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