Digital Age, and further COVID-type situation is re-defining many market principles and business sustainability rules

If you already have a well planned Digital Journey for your Sales Organization, please   call us   to know how we can fast track your Journey. Else, we have a simple proposed plan. 

We divide THE Journey into three major Phases:

1. Digitize Data
2. Automate Actions
3. Digitalize Dealmakers   

The plan is easy to follow, but can enhance your business potential multi-fold. An even easier method is to get a FREE Compatibility Study and help us Change Your Game to Continuously Stay on Top.

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A perfect start. Stay on Track.

Use directio‘s basic digitisation tools to start with the Digitisation journey for your Sales organisation. Start seeing direct benefits like capability to handle more orders, shortening change turnaround times, increase Sales per Call per team member to name a few.

Accelerate on Track.

Boost your Sales Force Productivity and Channel Efficiency with RIGHT Business Transformation Strategy, enabled with RIGHT Technology. Essential in today's Digital Era, further catalysed by COVID lockdowns, click on the above Button to know how you can leverage this situation to drive the change you always wanted to see.

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Be the driver for change.

Digital Age, and NOW COVID-19 lockdowns, is re-defining many market principles and business sustainability rules. If you have all the critical data with right framework in place for accurate, real-time information and automation of critical processes for consistent results, it is time to look at innovative processes, value engineer existing processes and start focusing on TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of your core business.

Use holistic directio Platform to achieve this Goal seamlessly for your Sales Organization. 

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With a wrong strategy and technology, we end up wasting time in wrong complexities

What was a complex problem yesterday, could be a very simple problem today. With a wrong strategy and technology, we end up wasting time in wrong complexities, while Competitor is solving today’s complexities to disrupt business potential.

Use directio Platform to solve “Digital Age Problems” and today's COVID driven changes, "LEVERAGE" the market changes and Change Your Game to Stay on Top.
Some benefits seen by using directio Platform for Business Transformation/Digital Journey.

Precise Process Implementation

Robust, yet flexible technology

With the changing business environment and resulting Digital adoption trends, you need a robust technology to enable all your disruptive processes and methods to sustain and lead in your markets. And that is exactly where directio surpasses other solutions in the market. With its robust foundation, innovative adaptable technology and world-class support team directio ensures you focus on the critical business changes, while we guarantees technology results.


Technology to execute disruptive ideas

With a process to disrupt market, with analysis to help disruptive thinking and a technology to execute the process and ideas, automatically leads to a “Thinking Salesman” with “Efficient Strategy Execution”, i.e. Smarter Sales Team capable of bringing growth even in changing business environment. Highly beneficial in current COVID-19 lockdown and post-COVID era.

Complete Financial Control

Improved Bottomline (NEED OF THE HOUR)

Data analytics till the last dime spent reflects at the dashboards of the Top Management. Visibility into precise data, seals all potential short comings with ease, automatically leading to a smarter Financials and improved bottom-line.


With a Team that is a LEADER

With fast and precise implementation of your disruptive processes by your Smarter Sales Team who is empowered to handle the specific challenges and needs of their individual areas/markets, your organization’s response to market changes and leveraging of every single opportunity ensures you will achieve the ultimate result i.e. you will always be at the Top. (Most recent example being changes necessitated by COVID lockdowns.

Real-time Market Metrics

Adopt technology faster than market changes

Continuous monitoring of your Market Performance zone wise, beat wise, to even shop-wise can be easily done using directio Platform, irrespective of user technology usage behaviour or process disruptions (like during sudden COVID-19 lockdown). The robust Communication Engine in directio Platform helps in quick adoption of any new technology / infrastructure challenges / new data needs from new user base / any such foreseen/unforeseen situations, leading to change adoption much faster.


Smart Metrics, Smarter Sales Team

With the RIGHT APPROACH and RIGHT TECHNOLOGY to enable Precise Implementation of your disruptive processes to address your changing market environment, Smarter Sales Team, improved Bottom-line, Increased Top-line and continuous real-time measurement and alerts to ensure no problem/change in scenario go unnoticed, improved company profitability cannot be more guaranteed by a Leader like you. Choose directio Platform to be a Market Leader.

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