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Our Core
We start where ERP ends
We provide solution to CFA, Stockists / Distributors / Dealers to Sub-Ds and Outlets with three focus:
1. Stock
2. Sales
3. Cash rotation 

Unorganized / Traditional Trade to become the most Organized data source for markets and industries in India and Asia-Pac countries.

“To standardize, automate and fully digitalize the Sales  Channel in Unorganized / Traditional Trade markets such that this Trade model continues to flourish while continuing to bring in the true value of Digital Commerce to all the players in this era of what is called FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.”

1. End-User First, Customer Second and then everything


3. Push only what an end-user will use happily

4.  Culture and Value System before Profits

5. Attitude before Skills, Skills before Talent

6. Communication before language

7. Employees before Organization

We End When Consumer Rates your product

We provide solutions for Outlets to place Orders on Distributors directly. Post this, our Apps integrate to required Consumer Ecommerce sites as well as Arogya Setu and provide you with whats important data for you:

1. Sales

2. Stock with expiries

3. Consumer choices  

Consumer Rating
We End When it is assured that NO Outlet will go out of stock.

We provide solutions to help ensure that ALL of your Outlets have the RIGHT products at the RIGHT time and does not a single sale:

1. Outlet Sales

2. Stock status with expiries

3. Consumer Behaviour & Replenishment

4. Inputs to distribution channel for auto replenishment  

Kirana Store
A bit on what we are take pride in..

1. Design

One core philosophy: What works in LCM will anyway work in HCM

2. Usage Compliance

Our roll-out guideline: Better to use everything you have than have everything that is not used

3. User Support

Our pride: We make users use Technology Happily.

4. Data from Remote, Rural and ALSO Urban.

Our roll-out completion criteria: Critical Data from ALL markets than ALL data from FEW markets.

A notch above others

  • User Adoption by non-tech savvy users
  • Data collection from rural Indian markets
  • FARMERS use technology in remotest villages
  • Seamless transitions from SMS to Feature Phone to SmartPhone Apps
  • Ability to handle large volume of data in low-end phones
  • Automatic error handling and user support
  • Proprietary data packets to enable data sending even in low bandwidth


  • First software with UnCRM model for Traditional Trade available in SaaS Model (in 2006)
  • First SaaS (Software as Service) with end to end Mobile, Web and Desktop Applications (in 2007)
  • First and ONLY company that built tabular data collection through in normal Mobile Phones
  • AllCell, a Mobile  Platform that made Apps work in All CellPhones, pre-Android era.

A bit on our Journey
This is not the first time. 18 - 20 years back, when FMCG/D companies were force fitting CRM for General Trade Management in India and Asia-Pac, we derived a solution that met exact needs with specific User Topography considerations and launched directioAllCell.

Progress through TELECOM Landscape changes

Even when ONLY Text Messaging (SMS) was the primary Mobile data communication mode, directio Suite of Products successfully collected Sales and Marketing Data. And that too NOT JUST FROM METROS, but across REMOTE/RURAL towns ranging from LESS than One Lakh population to 10L+.


directio Suite of products are the only tools that could successfully gather data till Farmer Level in rural India, where, in addition to technology savviness challenges, linguistic challenges also act as a barrier for entry for many software makers.


With this start, we continued to innovate through the largest Telecom & Software landscape changes faced by the industry in last 15 years. While many of our competitors shut shop, we lasted...

a Today that is strong due to a thorough yesterday

Today, when the Mobile Technology ecosystem is highly evolved, directio Platform,  provides a well-integrated rich set of Software and Apps to meet all your Technology needs for Sales and Trade Management. But the journey from SMS days to today, makes any App in directio Platform a notch higher when it comes to data collection and usage compliance, especially from REMOTE/RURAL areas as well as, typically "not so well connected" General Trade outlets.
Brand AllCell back then
Back then, the Brand, AllCell meant IT WORKS ON ALL CELL PHONES since there was a challenge with heterogeneous Mobile Phone iOS and Mobile Phone Types.
Brand AllCell NOW
Today the Brand, AllCell means that ALL SALES FUNCTIONS  can be carried out using CELL PHONES.
DIRECTIO, the Platform
directio that started as the core UnCRM (as we called it) tool, was revamped to build a Platfom with rich set set of Apps and Tools to allow customers to Pick and Choose on an as needed basis. Investing in "Platform" architecture, was also important for customers to have a well planned Digital Transformation Journey (in Sales Function) inevitable in this Digital Era (even more so in post-COVID era)
The CORE Business Rule Engine
As the market rules and business environment kept changing, this Business Rule engine kept evolving. Today,  Enterprises who use directio Platform can  adopt much faster to any changing business environment.
THE FOCUS we never lose
In all through Journey, two things we never lost focus: 1. Any tool we build to have high ADOPTION by "actual" users 2. Effective User Support   Better Sales Management and Market Controls automatically always followed..
Over 30 high quality Apps and Solutions to choose from meet all your needs in Sales and Channel Management of Traditional Trade.
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A Little More on Us

TECHNOINFOWARE INDIA started with an ambitious plan of building Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Decision Support Tools in 2003, for managing  and driving sustainable growth for FMCG/FMCD organisations in India and Asia-Pac countries. In this part of the world, more than 90% market dominance was retained by Traditional Model of Trade and less than 10% constitutes the Modern Trade methodologies.

Owing to low spread of telecommunication infrastructure and technology access in rural markets across India and other developing and under developed Asia-Pac countries, the market data availability itself was a big concern and all BI/Analytics tools failed to perform in this space owing to limitations in technology adaoptation. Also, wherever there was an effort to digitalise and collect data, CRM was being preferred which, is certainly is not an effective data hierarchy management and usage.

The directio Suite of products, efficient and effective even in such harsh limitation, was welcomed by large corporates. With Directio, they were abled a highly focused data collection approach, that actually works in this niche market space, while still providing an end-to-end Web reports and analysis as well as Top Management Dashboards.

It is our communication technology diversity, ease of use, “rich features in light applications” and an attitude of gamification that helped get the users adopt our solution much faster than expected by our customers themselves.

​Even today, this foundation provides one of the best offline applications that works well even in low-end smartphones with limited  infrastructure facilities.

​This deep user learning of the tools as well as our team makes our Customer Support Team as well as modules one of the best in the industry.

And to summarise the success story :

  • High user adoption by non-tech savvy users
  • High usage in infrastructurally challenged areas 
  • Rated best by users for Geo Tagging and Mapping Apps
  • Easy reports and Management Dashboards
  • Strong technology Platforms journeying through landscape changes – Telecom – Mobile -Web
  • Strong Support Systems – high Automation % – Right mix of offline-online model – Intelligent Sync Engine – Intelligent Support Systems
Domain Experts | The Core
In directio world, everything starts with Domain. Our valued users' requirement being the very reason for our existence, we always think from Domain angle and design tools that are practical to use, effective in results and adaptable to your changing markets.

Technology Experts |  The Content
Being a Technology company, we have to have the best Technical Designers, Architects, Developers, Testers and Release Managers. The proof is in seamless adoption to all the huge Technology changes  seen in the last decade in not only Software technology and Software Delivery Models, but also in our core component i.e. Telecommunication and Mobile Phones. While many of the competitors couldn't survive, we have lasted through all the changes and are still here! Hello there! 

Marketing Domain Experts | The Coat
One of the important inputs from directio data is for the Marketing functions of an organization. Considering this, our team of Marketing Experts analyse different results from directio to ensure you get visibility into all the critical market information, helping your Marketing team build marketing strategy that ultimately helps you maximise your Sales in the least amount of time.

User Support Experts | The Movement

We take Pride in saying we have the Best User Support team in our industry. The team that drives FAST USER ADOPTION and HIGH USAGE with user empathy built in DNA, you have to experience to see how this team Proudly Supports you.

Technical Support Experts | The Movement

With a team that has a zeal to make our User Support Team the BEST, we are proud to have a Technical Support team that passionately supports anything to do with directio's technology and related fields. Yes, sometimes they end up giving FREE consulting to Customers as well as their Technology vendors, but we don't mind as that's exactly what we encourage them to do i.e. provide technical support  wherever needed!

Delivery Experts | The Movement
A very specialised team that swiftly and proudly interchange their roles between Business Analyst, User Support and Project Management, whatever it takes for FAST DELIVERY and HIGH USER ADOPTION.

For people looking out for an enjoyable career:

If you have an expertise in any of the Areas in People Section, you are the one we are looking for. If you also are interested in working in an organization that guards an innovation fostering culture like crazy and appreciate talents for "what they know than not", please walk in anytime into our office for a chit-chat.
There are THREE ways you can decide how to use directioClick on any TAB BELOW to know more.

We always start our introduction with directio Products, as they are more popular today. Also, they are more in line with how people buy software today. 

These Products are combination of Apps and tools from the Platform, designed to handle  end-to-end Sales solution needs of an entity e.g. Retailers, Distributors, Enterprise Sales Team, etc 

We have FOUR main Products:
1. directioAllCell
2. directioMobility
3. directioBills
4. directioHAWK

Click to see details on whats inside the above Products.

directio Solutions are designed to cater to specific Goal or problems for which you are looking for a Solution e.g. Retailer Order Booking, Retailer Finder, Rural Penetration, Expense Management, Field Promotions, etc.

If you already know your Technology Goal / WHAT RESULTS you are looking for, check our basket of Popular Solutions for FMCG model of Sales, especially for Traditional Trade.

All our Solutions are designed using RIGHT MIX of Apps from the directio Platform so that you can FOCUS ON THE RESULTS than worrying about which App to buy for whom.

Click Here to pick Solutions

This third one is a bit different. 

We have packaged solutions for every phase of your SALES Digital Enablement and Transformation journey so that you do not have to waste TIME and valuable investment in all the solutions at one-go, while a typical journey takes 3-5 years. 

If you already have a well planned Digital Journey for your Sales Organization, please call us to know how we can fast track your Journey.

If interested to know about our proposed Journey Plan, Click Here.

We divide THE Journey into three major Phases:
1. Digitize Data
2. Automate Actions
3. Digitalize Dealmakers   

Click Here to know more.